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Mizoram boy rewarded for helping a Chicken accidentally hurt by his bicycle

Derek C Lalchhanhima

Guwahati: A video of a young boy Derek C Lalchhanhima from Mizoram went viral in social media after he helped a chicken which he accidentally ran over with his bicycle. The video of the boy shows that he was holding a ten rupees note in one hand and the chicken on the other and it went viral online collecting 1 lakh reactions and more than 10,000 comments.

According to report, the boy came home with the neighbour’s chick that he had accidentally killed and the post was first shared by Sanga Says and that it was the child’s father who informed him about the incident.

Sanga informed that the Derek didn’t understand that the chick is dead and begged his parents to take it to the hospital and his father told him to go by himself which he did by taking the ten rupees note with him.

After he rushed to the hospital, a nurse clicked the picture who was taken in by the young boy’s innocence and humanity and the photo has been shared widely online.

Sanga further informed that the boy came back from the hospital sobbing, vowing to help the chicken and go back to the hospital hoping that he could save the chick and this time with a hundred rupees note. Finally, his parents had to explain to him that the chick is dead and that nothing could be done at the hospital.

Derek’s innocence and kindness have won many hearts on Facebook.

Derek’s school has also decided to honour him as news of his kind act spread on social media and a photo shared by Sanga shows that Derek was holding a certificate of appreciation and a shawl draped on his school uniform given by his school