Need to understand Sankardeva’s versatile contribution to Assamese society: Dr gen Saikia

From a Correspondent

GAON (HAIBORGAON), Feb 23:  “Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva was not simply a lyricist, musician, a music composer or merely a singer, but also was the inventor of various types of musical instruments and was the great maestro of total music. Similarly, he was a perfect dancer and a perfect director of dance. He simultaneously was also a dramatist, a director of drama and a perfect actor,” said veteran Assamese litterateur, story-teller and educationist Dr gen Saikia on Tuesday in gaon while he addressed the three-day long intertiol semir on ‘Srimanta Sankardeva : His multi-dimensiol contribution’, organized by the Department of Sankardeva study of Srimanta Sankardeva University at the auditorium.

In his speech, Dr Saikia further stated, “People need to study hard to understand his versatile contribution to the Assamese society as well as to its literature and culture.” He said that though the field of his work was the valley of the mighty River Brahmaputra, but in his creations or works, he addressed the entire India. He stated further that Srimanta Sankardeva was also a great artist who portrayed the great scenes of the seven ‘Baikunthapuri’. On the other hand, iugurating the semir, the Vice-Chancellor of Tezpur Central University, Mihir Kanti Chaudhury said that he had emotiol attachment with Srimanta Sankardeva University and to run a university in private sector was not easy. “Rather it is a challenging job and I know it very well,” he added. The semir was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor of Sankardeva University, Dr Kandarpa Kumar Deka. Various dignitaries, including tourists from various countries, were present in the semir.