NGO organizes blood dotion camp at Haflong

Special Correspondent

Silchar, June 14: A blood dotion camp was organized by Dawns of Tomorrow Society, NGO, on Sunday at Civil Hospital of Haflong town to mark the 13th World Blood Donors’ Day. 40 units of blood was collected through the camp which was handed over to the Hospital. In keeping with the theme ‘blood connects us all’, people of Dima Hasao District, irrespective of tribe, religion, caste or creed, voluntarily doted blood and contributed towards the great humanitarian cause.

 People from various tribes turned out in their ethnic attire and came forward to dote blood. It was a sight to see and exhibited the true meaning of ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘all tribes, one India’. Each donor was presented a badge by the Society to display that he was a hero and had contributed to save a life. To further motivate, the ‘heroes’ were provided with light refreshments and fruit juices.

 One of the donors said “I feel it is my social responsibility towards Haflong and Dima Hasao to contribute for noble cause. We have lost many lives in the past two decades for no reason, but we should now realize it. If my blood can save a citizen’s life, be it from any tribe or religion, caste, I think I am surely a hero”. Other NGOs like Changes Society and AROH also participated in the camp. Assam Rifles provided the necessary assistance for the camp and lived up to being ‘friends of the hill people’.

 Few friends of the hill people also doted their blood in the camp even though they have a permanent board at the hospital with contact numbers for dotion of blood in emergency. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14 every year to mark the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner who first distinguished the main blood groups and discovered the Rh factor in human beings. The Sunday camp is the first in series of events planned by medical department and civil hospital.