No political crisis in Aruchal, claim MLAs


Itagar, June 16: Putting all speculations at rest regarding instability of Kalikho Pul government in Aruchal Pradesh following a rift between the chief minister and senior MLAs which went viral in social media, deputy chief minister Chow Mein along with three senior MLAs in a joint statement have dismissed the reports.

Mein, along with MLAs Pema Khandu, Markio Tado and Pasang D So, who were credited as the main players of the alleged revolt claimed that there is no political crisis of any sort in the present government and each minister, parliamentary secretary and MLA is working out on delivering the change that the government had promised when it came to power in February this year. “There is absolutely no loss of trust either in the government or within the People’s Party of Aruchal (PPA) and such ill-intentioned acts are only being done to try and create a rift between like-minded leaders,” the joint statement said here today.

They stated that the ‘fraud that has been circulated in the social media over the last few days, regarding a change of leadership in the Kalikho Pul-led PPA government has once again exposed the frustration and desperation in certain political camps over the smooth and successful functioning of the present government’.

“In what can only be described as an act of desperation, a fabricated news report had been circulating that there was a move by Mechukha MLA Pasang Dorjee So to mobilise support and replace Kalikho Pul as chief minister, with the active support of Mein and senior PPA MLAs Pema Khandu and Markio Tado” the statement said.

“The hoax not only fabricated locations and timing of the supposed ‘camp at Delhi’, they have also completely miscalculated the trust and cooperation between present chief minister and all of us,” they added.

Taking strong exception to the message being circulated in the social media, they have lodged a complaint with the government and requested that the cyber crime branch investigate the matter and the origitor of the message identified and punished.

“Not only is this an attempt to tarnish our political image, but also this act of misleading public opinion is also unethical and crimil as it can contribute to creating confusion and instigating unlawful activities by groups of people. It is only the great wisdom of the people of Aruchal that they have rejected the message as the worthless nonsense that it is. These kinds of unethical acts that go against the well being of the people of the State need to be condemned with the highest degree” the statement added.