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Over 38.66 theft cases daily mark 2017!

Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, May 2: The year 2017 marked over 38.66 theft cases daily on an average. It sounds unlikely to be true, but this is what statistics given by the Assam Police says. Is the State a haven for thieves?
The enormity of the rising theft cases has baffled everyone who thinks for the wellbeing of the State, who wants to see his/her State prospers on all fronts. The statistics made available by the State police force says that the number of theft cases in the State has maintained a rising trend since 2009, and almost doubled in 2017.  Since thieves are notorious for taking whatever valuables they get, a sense of insecurity haunts the people of the State, especially those residing in Guwahati. 
While 2009 was marked by as many as 7,644 theft cases in the State, it rose to 7,860 in 2010; 8,350 in 2011; 9,394 in 2012; 10,692 in 2013 and 12,198 in 2014. The number of theft cases, however, fell slightly to 12,024 cases in 2015 only to maintain the rising trend again from 2016 with as many as 12,846 theft cases which rose to 14,114 in 2017.
What does the rising theft case graph smack of? The people of the State, especially of Guwahati, have been suffering from the insecurity of their property, especially household goods, including costly ones. In Guwahati such theft cases do take place even during the day. Thieves take the advantage of city residents going out leaving none in their houses.