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Patanjali Yogpeeth Yoga Instructor Satinath Baral Arrested in Kolkata

Satinath Baral

Satinath Baral, the Patanjali Yogpeeth yoga instructor, who was on a flee after creating the controversy of speaking insulting words towards Saint Sankardeva, is arrested by Darrang police in Kolkata on Thursday.

Baral is accused of speaking untoward words for Mahapurush Sankardeva who is being regarded as the biggest and most respected religious guru of the Assamese people. Several protests and FIRs against the yoga instructor and yoga guru Baba Ramdev were filed by outrageous public who also seeks an apology from Ramdev along with an exemplary punishment for Baral.

The apprehension of the accused at last have brought a smile of relief to the public and the Darrang student union appreciates the Darrang police for their dedicated dutifulness.