People reel under scorching heat in Assam

scorching heat
People reel under scorching heat


TANGLA, July 20: The maximum temperature crossed the 36 degrees celsius mark on Thursday. People of Tangla town in Udalguri district are mostly remaining indoors. As per Accuweather, a Google weather app, the maximum temperature in Tangla on Wednesday was 38 degrees celsius. The streets of Tangla wore a deserted look throughout the day. Shopkeepers in the town were seen lazing their time away while sale of electrical appliances like fans, air coolers and air conditioners increased.

It was also a good day for vendors of tender coconuts, soft drinks, ice cream and sugarcane juice as they did brisk business on the road. The humidity level on Wednesday oscillated between 55 % and 73%. Moreover, frequent load shedding throughout the day added to the summer heat.

JOYSAGAR: Along with the rest of the State, the people of Sivasagar district are also hard hit by the heat wave of late. As per weather department sources, the minimum temperature in Sivasagar on July 19 was 38-39 degree celsius while on July 20 it hovered around 34-37 degree Celsius. Due to the abnormal heat wave, normal life in the district has been hit while a good number of people seemingly remaining indoor during daytime. Many labourers and farmers could not go out to work due to the heat. While the Assamese month of ‘Sawan’ is generally regarded as a peak month for sowing, this year due to shortage of water in the field, the farmers are seemingly staring at an uncertain future.