Pradip Dutta Roy challenges Jiten Dutta’s statement

A Correspondent

Silchar, June 30: Pradip Dutta Roy, senior advocate of Gauhati High Court and founder president of All Cachar-Karimganj-Hailakandi Students’ Association (ACKHSA), has challenged former ULFA leader Jiten Dutta to keep his words and come to Barak Valley with 1000 motorcycle borne armed ULFA cadres. Dutta Roy said this while reacting strongly to the statement of ex-ULFA leader made at a public meeting held in Guwahati on Friday. Addressing media-persons at his Itkhola residence, the senior advocate said, “Let them come. We are not afraid of paper tigers.”

Pradip Dutta Roy was quite surprised and said, “Jiten Dutta has no principles. Surrendered ULFA cadres like him should be in the camps. How can they move so freely and issue such provocative public statement?” He wondered at the silence of the state government. “Moreover, ULFA leaders have no right to pass any remark or comment about issues related to Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 and NRC. They are Bangladeshis since they had lived in that country for more than 10 years. Anybody living in Bangladesh for more than 10 years automatically becomes a citizen of Bangladesh, Dutta Roy pointed out. “People of Barak Valley are the original inhabitants and they have all the right to stay here,” the advocate added to say.

The advocate urged upon the Chief Minister, the Principal Secretary of Assam, MPs and MLAs to take the inflammatory statement of the ex-ULFA leader and initiate action against him. Subodh Biswas, a refugee leader, he pointed out, was arrested for issuing statements which he did not. The stand of the government is really shocking. Should it not release Biswas and 54 others languishing in jail without trial? Pradip Dutta Roy asked.