Prime Minister’s Office Responds to Journalist’s Petition on Citizenship Amendment Bill in Goalpara,Assam

PMO responds to journalist’s petition on Citizenship Amendment Bill

A correspondent

GOALPARA, July 29 : The Prime Minister’s office has recently responded to a petition by Syed Robiul Hoque, a senior journalist of Goalpara district, regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016. Hoque, recipient of several awards in the journalism sector, wrote to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider the Bill in the backdrop of the six-year long Assam movement which witnessed the martyrdom of 855 youths in their endeavour to retain the identity of the Assamese people.

“The historic Assam Movement and its cause was supported then by almost all the national political parties. But Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was the stalwart in this regard and stood by its side,” the petitioner reminded the Prime Minister. “We feel that the proposed law is a threat to the existence of the Assamese people, culture and above all the Assamese language. Besides, this may hamper the age old secularism of our people and encourage the expansionism motif of some of our neighbouring states,” Hoque contemplated.

“The people of the state has already accepted the immigrants who have come to Assam prior to March 25 of 1971,” explained Syed Robiul Hoque. The petition also appealed to the Prime Minister to help retaining the foundation of linguistic nationalism of the Assamese people and not let it shrink under any condition.

The journalist wrote to the Prime Minister on June 1 and he received a written communication from his office in the second week of July. The PMO ascertained that his sentiments and the contents of the letter which was written in Assamese language, will be brought before the Prime Minister. Mention may be made that Syed Robiul Hoque is a resident of Jhorabori under Krishnai development block and a former president of District Press Club, Goalpara.