Raising Day: ULFA pledges to work for socio-economic development

Special Correspondent

SILCHAR, April 7: ULFA (Rajkhowa faction) celebrated its 39th raising day at the playground of Soi, 15 km from here. The event began with the hoisting of flag of the outfit followed by tributes to the martyrs. Pranjit Saikia, self styled Lt. Col., who presided over the event as chief guest recollected many a thrilling moment from the short but eventful journey of the outfit. Barak Valley, as he said, was never turned into a troubled zone by them. Rather, it was their safe haven. Often, hunted down by the security forces in the plains and hills, their cadres took refuge in the isolated pockets of this peaceful valley.
 Saikia was frank to say that it was the peaceful ture of the people of this valley which kept them in deprivation and neglect. If they could join the path of armed struggle, many of their demands for socio-economic development could be achieved. He however assured the people in his address that the problems of this valley related to its backwardness could be taken up by the members of the ULFA in this zone and discussed with senior citizens which could also be sent to the central committee. The central committee of ULFA then took them up with the Centre during their forthcoming dialogue.
 ULFA, Saikia pointed out which began its dialogue with the Centre in 2011, has been in 21 rounds of talks and the dialogue continues. He added a note of caution if the ongoing talks did not lead to satisfactory conclusive end, the central committee might decide to take up arms once again. He left it to the people of Barak Valley to think of going armed way if they felt being continued to be neglected and discrimited against. Saikia did not mince any words to say how the successive governments at Dispur since the Independence of the country have neglected this valley absolutely because of the fact that people here have preferred to live in peaceful coexistence. He also laid blame on the Centre for not giving proper attention to the development of this zone.
 Around 70 of its activists who were present on the occasion were reminded of their responsibility to think and believe in the ideology of ULFA to work selflessly. Saikia added to say all the leaders and cadres of their outfit have always fought for right cause and in the larger interests of people and not for their pelf and power. On the border disputes of Assam with Mizoram, Meghalaya and galand, he said his outfit was ready to extend all help to both the Centre and the state to resolve it. Referring to the border problem with galand, he claimed it was due to the initiative of ULFA that this was settled. On this occasion, a message from Arabinda Rajkhowa, chairman, was also read out which hoped that the continuing dialogue with the Centre would culmite in happy and fruitful outcome. Rajkhowa extended his good wishes to the people of Assam for the Bihu festival.