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Repose faith in us: Axom Xattra Mohaxabha

Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, April 27: The Axom Xattra Mohaxabha (AXM) has appealed to the people and all nationalist organizations of the State to repose faith in it as it has distanced itself from the support which now-suspended AXM secretary general Kusum Mahanta lent on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 before the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC).
Addressing the media at Dispur Press Club here on Friday, AXM president Jitendra Nath Pradhani said: “We went to Delhi on April 25, 2018 and submitted a fresh stand on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. The statement submitted by suspended AXM secretary general Kusum Mahanta was given without any consent of the AXM executive committee and its steering committee. Such a statement can’t be treated as that of the AXM. We requested JPC president Rajendra Agarwal to withdraw the statement submitted by Kusum Mahanta. The JPC president assured us of coming to Guwahati for another hearing on the Bill here. Receiving our fresh statement Agarwal assured us of looking into the matter.”
Spelling out the AXM’s stand on the Bill that has much to do with the future of Assam, Pradhani said: “The AXM has never done anything against the interest of Assam nor will it ever do. We reaffirm to work in tandem with other nationalist organizations of the State for its interest. Our stand is loud and clear that ‘Assam is not going to shoulder the burden of any Hindu Bangladeshis. Regardless of being a Hindu or a Muslim, all foreigners entering Assam after March 25, 1971 have to be deported from the State. We demand detection and deportation of all illegal foreigners entering the State after the cut-off date.”
Pradhani informed the media that AXM secretary Prantik Goswami, the Xatradhikar of Sri Sri Jagoral Xatra located at Purani Godam in Nagaon, filed a case (26/2018) against the in-charge BDO of Bagiagaon stating that the latter threatened him of killing on April 22 for AXM’s alleged support to Hindu Bangladeshis and in connection with an article published in the media. “We condemn the incident and appeal to the Chief Minister, the DGP and Nagoan SP to arrest the BDO. Our secretary feels insecure,” he said.