Resort refutes allegation of water pollution

Borgos Resort, Kaziranga

A Correspondent
Kaziranga, June 17: The management of Borgos Resort has expressed shock at the allegation of water pollution made by the Pachim Kaziranga Gaon Panchayat against the resort. A notice has been given by the Pachim Kaziranga Gaon Panchayat regarding the water pollution allegedly caused by the resort. In this regard, the management of Borgos Resort held a press meet on Sunday at Borgos. Pallab Gogoi, Senior Manager of Borgos Resort said, “We are enormously surprised to hear such an allegation against our resort. We do not use any harmful chemicals which may hamper our environment. We have a green phenomenon setting which has been appreciated worldwide. We believe that we have been keenly contributing to the tourism industry and such allegation may be insalubrious to us and the tourism industry of this place.”