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Right to Education? Hajo primary school lies derelict


GUWAHATI, Feb 5: At a time when the State government is putting stress on development of primary education, and the Right to Education (RTE) Act is in force — a lower primary school under Hajo Development Block in Assam continues to remain closed since last 8 years.

The No. 2 Kulhati LP School in Hajo constituency was established in 1950 by local villagers with their own fund, but the school has remained closed for the last 8 years when the Congress-led government was in power.

Local people alleged that the school was closed due to migration of its students to other schools in Hajo. The teachers allegedly imparted poor quality education, due to which the guardians took off their wards to other schools.

However, local people still want to get No.2 Kulhati LP School back on track. Despite being well aware of the condition of the school, the Education department of the previous Congress government didn’t bother to appoint good quality teachers there.

The villagers said the Education department should have then taken it as a challenge to reopen the school for the benefit of local people and their children. They now want No.2 Kulhati LP School to be developed as a model school by the present State government.   

All Guwahati Sub divisiol Students’ Union’s general secretary Rabul Chandra Das said, “When the school was closed down, the then Education Minister is presently holding the same charge. During his earlier tenure, he claimed to have developed the education sector in the State to a great extent, but many schools like No.2 Kulhati LP School remain closed. We now demand reopening all closed government schools so that all sections of people can send their children to government schools.”