Section 144 Promulgated to Maintain Law and Order Situation in Sonitpur,Assam

Section 144
Section 144

A Correspondent

Tezpur, July 29: In order to maintain law and order situation in the district, Additional District Magistrate, Sonitpur Kishan Kumar Sarma has issued a prohibitory order under section 144 in Sonitpur district. Through the orders, the district administration has put a curb on general assembly of five or more persons at one place. Entry in the public place, play ground, cinema hall, theatre etc. with weapons is strictly prohibited. Forcefully collecting of donation, gift coupon and lottery are also prohibited without prior permission. Conducting meeting in a public place, exercise, procession, slogan etc. are also prohibited without prior permission of the authority concerned. No loudspeakers causing noise pollution shall be used between 10pm to 6am and no petrol pump will sell fuel to any two wheeler rider without helmet.

It further said that this order prohibiting assembly of persons at public places will however not be applicable in the case of assembly of persons in market place, play ground, cinema hall and other places of entertainment, educational institutes, railway and bus station and gathering in normal course of works or business or performing marriage ceremony and during celebration of religious function. It shall also be not applicable for peaceful gathering at NSKs during Final Draft Publication of NRCs. This order has been enforced in the entire district with immediate effect and will be continued until further order.