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Shower Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Tips For Shampooing
* Steam your hair before shampooing it
* Massage steamed hair before shampoo
* Use cool or lukewarm water
* Use paraben and SLS free shampoo
* Apply shampoo only on scalp
* Gently massage while shampooing
* Don’t wash your hair daily
* Do not stretch shampooing time

Tips For Conditioning
* Condition your hair with oil before shower
* Towel dry before conditioning
* Don’t use too much conditioner
* Do not apply conditioner on scalp
* Don’t leave the conditioner in for too long
* Deep condition every two weeks
Tips For Drying

* Microfiber towel/Cotton t-shirt
* Don’t aggressively rub your hair while drying it
* Avoid using a blow dryer
Tips For Detangling

* Detangle when there’s conditioner in your hair
* Detangle your hair when it’s semi-dry
Some More Things To Keep In Mind
* Apply a leave-in conditioner after drying your hair
* Limit using hair care products
* Keep showers short
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