Son and daughter-in-law still untraceable

Rajani Khargharia with Bhupen Hazarika
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Elderly couple suicide case

SIVASAGAR/JOYSAGAR/DEMOW, July 5: Sivasagar Police have been looking for Debasish Kharghria and Gitashree, son and daughter-in-law of Rajani Khargharia and Rubi Khargharia. Both Debasish and Gitashree were allegedly responsible for the death of Rajani Khargharia (62) and Rubi Khargharia (58) recently.

The bodies of the elderly couple were recovered by their neighbours at their rented house in AT Road on July 1. Rubi Khargharia was found lying dead on her bed while Rajanai Khargharia was found hanging. After the sensational suicide of the couple, police had recovered as many as five suicide notes addressed to various people. The content of the letters were almost same and highlighted how the Khargaria couple were duped and harassed by their own son and daughter-in-law. Rajani Khargharia and his wife were going through intense financial problems and their only son was not taking care of his ailing parents. They were not being able to buy medicines and also not being able to pay house rent for quite some time now. Rajani Khargharia’s son had repeatedly cheated him and had taken away his money and his daughter-in-law had insulted him when he had approached them asking money for the treatment of his ailing wife.

In the letter addressed to the OC Sivasagar, the couple had appealed to the police to take strict action and give exemplary punishment to their son and daughter-in-law so that no other couple has to go through the pain and hardship they had to go through for which they decided to end their lives.
Rajani Khargharia was the owner of the once famous Kalanchupar Hotel located at Central Market in Sivasagar town where he used to offer free meals to various student leaders and artists of Assam at one point of time. He himself was closely connected with the cultural scene of Assam and in addition to being the owner of a mobile theatre company, had also produced various serials and mega serials.

The duo has been untraceable since the incident came to light. Meanwhile, several organizations have demanded strict action against Debasish who is an employee in the ONGC and his wife, who is a teacher by profession.
On Thursday evening, under the leadership of Bolin Deori, Additional Superintendent of Police of Sivasagar district, Nitaipukhuri Police reached an old residence of Ukhadhar Dowerah, Debasish’s father-in-law, in Nitaipukhuri Betanibam Gaon to look for the absconding couple but did not find them.