Sonowal assures Dangwimsai


Itagar, Feb 22: Assam Chief Minister Sarbanda Sonowal has assured former Aruchal Pradesh chief minister Kalikho Pul’s wife Dangwimsai Pul and son Ojingso Pul of his full support and assistance for initiating a fair investigation into the death of the late leader.

The assurance from Sonowal came after Green Aruchal Foundation (GAF) chairman Takam Tatung accompanied by Dangwimsai and Ojingso met the former at Assam Bhavan New Delhi on Tuesday and sought his help and advice in the case, a press release informed.

Expressing concern over the matter, Sonowal also assured the trio that he would make arrangements for obtaining an appointment to meet Prime Minister rendra Modi so as to eble them to present the case to the prime minister in person.

Sonowal further said that he would take persol interest to help solve the case so that the party (BJP) may not be maligned due to some leaders with vested interests, the release added.

Meanwhile, Tatung and Dangwimsai have expressed their gratitude to Sonowal for his support and assurance.