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Steps yet to be taken to improve condition of NH-37 in Naliapool

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, May 1: Despite The Sentinel having reported a couple of times about the terrible condition of the NH-37 here, particularly near Naliapool Market, no corrective measures seem to be in the offing. The people here are naturally getting alarmed, for it appears to them that the authorities concerned are simply shirking from their duties. People are also expressing shock as to how could the roads of a strategic place like Dibrugarh be left to the turpitudes of the state machinery. Finding themselves in a highly precarious position owing to the wretched state of the highway in Naliapool, some conscious sections also took to the streets a few days ago trying to draw the attention of the district administration and other bodies like PWD, but unfortunately, their attempt could not evoke the desired response.
The condition of the potholes has turned so ugly that scenes of cars wobbling past them have become commonplace. The smaller vehicles in the form of two-wheelers enjoy no relief, for they too are subjected to sporadic and wild jerking, which in turn takes a severe toll on the life expectancy of the vehicles. The region being a marketplace caters to various needs of the people belonging to areas, including Naliapool, Kadamani, Gabharupathar and Seujpur, and as such, attracts scores of people. In this background, unsafe road conditions only aggravate the concern.
Reaching out to a few citizens here has brought certain relevant points into focus. While some of them questioned the very purpose of observing Road Safety Week at a time when the matter of repairing crucial roads itself has been put on the back burner, the others were apprehensive about the political will on the part of the government.