Subdivision iuguration witnesses disruption


SHILLONG, Feb 15: The iuguration of the Pynursla civil subdivision witnessed a surprise disruption by members of the Ri War Mihngi Development Council (RWMDC) numbering 10-15 youths, a few minutes before the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma scheduled arrival at the iuguration site.

The group of 10-15 youths led by RWMDC president SB Tariang displayed played placard in appreciation for the creation of the civil sub division while also expressing the need to employ local youths of the region in various departments in the newly created sub division.

Soon after the sudden display of placards an objection ensued with members of the Raid arguing with Tariang who was asked to leave the venue since it gives a bad impression in view of the iuguration day which is seen as an auspicious occasion for the people.

“You need to leave now and you should have first consulted members of the Raid before taking out such move,” a Raid member said.

However, defending his move, Tariang said, “We want 100 per cent appreciation of the Civil Sub-division and nothing else.”

The youths held placards which read, “We request the state government to speed up the iuguration of border haats,” “100 per cent appreciation of the iuguration of Civil – Sub Division,” beside other placards.

The intention of the RWMDC leader was to submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. However his plan was foiled by the Raid members present at the site including police personnel who later confiscated all the placards.

The memorandum stated that the state government should give consideration to local youth in terms of employment.

The memorandum also made a mention of border haats, which was closed after the Indo-Pak war in 1971 and called upon the state government to revitalize them at the earliest.