Syiem rubbishes all allegations


SHILLONG, Feb 1: The Syiem (Chief) of Hima Maharam Niandro Syiemiong along with his Myntris (Ministers) who are executive members of the Dorbar of the Hima Maharam on Wednesday rubbished all allegations made against him by the Syiemlieh Clan under the leadership of Phamless Syiemlieh.

According to Syiem Niandro, the Syiemlieh Clan had from the year 1987 attempted to take over and claim ownership over lands at Balat-Ranikor belonging to the Raid and also the market at Photkroh,but failed, which made them go against the Syiem and his Dorbar.

“The allegations made by Phamless Syiemlieh against me are all baseless and there has been many court cases fought against them which has resulted in great loss to the Hima Maharam as a whole,” Niandro told reporters here on Wednesday adding that after the Syiem and the Dorbar won a case dated December 17, 2014 some people of the Syiemlieh clan under the leadership of phamless had started other tactics against him with an intention to oust him to get to claim over the lands and market belonging to the Dorbar.

“The allegations that I did not pay the 1/8 share to the District Council and that I secretly drew the land compensation meant for the construction of the PWD road from Umpung to Ranikor. There are also allegations that I gave away lands to the State government belonging to the Raid and I forcefully removed the Basans and the Lyngdohs, beside others, which are very untrue,” he said.

According to him, in relation to the 1/8 share to the District Council this matter has already been settle with the executive committee of the KHADC till the year 2015-2016 and as per the letter from the under secretary executive committee KHADC dated June 9, 2016 it was directed that the Hima will pay only half from the 1/8 share for the year 2015-2016.