Technology conjoined with colours through Art Sutra

New Delhi, June 21: Good news for art lovers – you can now see art works on your phone and also view the crafting of your favourite painting through a mobile application called Art Sutra that connects you to the live cameras. Supported by Apple iOS 8 & 9, Android and Google play, this application has been conceptualized by eminent artist Amit Dutt and his student Ajay Wadhwa, to facilitate people who love to feel artists’ emotions. “Being an artist, I like it when people show interest in art works and discuss their views on a particular painting, sketch or a sculpture. Their interpretation matters to me as it has both criticism and positivity,” Amit Dutt told IANS. “To preserve and prolong the authenticity and freedom of expression, I have come up with the idea of this app that meets all the needs and the desires of art lovers,” he said. “Through this technology, I have made an attempt to take art to the foremost level and to keep art and creativity alive in people’s minds,” he added. It is perhaps the first time in India that artists and art lovers can share their opinions, give and take feedback, make queries and can even buy art works online without facing any hassles. “An app having features like live camera and gallery viewing gives art enthusiasts easy access to get in touch with the artist persolly without any hindrance of distance, which is a major issue among young professiols and people staying far off. Hence, the app is useful for both artists and art lovers,” Dutt explained. (IANS)