Teinwell Dkhar elected chairman of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council

Teinwell Dkhar

A Reporter

SHILLONG, July 24: UDP MDC from Shella, Teinwell Dkhar from the Khasi Hills Democratic Alliance (KHDA) today was unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC).

Dkhar defeated his rival candidate for the position PDF MDC from Mawkyrwat Hadrian Lyngdoh by seven votes. Backed by the KHDA Dkhar polled 17 votes while Lyngdoh received only 10 votes.

Earlier, before the election of the chairman was about to commence, Grace Mary Kharpuri PDF MDC from the Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA) had abstain from voting and walked out of the house.

After the election, while delivering his speech in the house, an emotional Teinwell Dkhar said, “As I am placed in this chair as the chairman by the members of the house I want to assure every member those in the ruling and those in the opposition that I will conduct the house as per the district council rules and I will not take sides and be bias.”

He also extended his appreciation towards the members of the opposition for attending the election of the chairman of KHADC.

“The house felt empty during the election of the CEM and Deputy Chairman of the KHADC recently as our friends from the opposition had not attended the house,” he said.

He also said that all members in the house should follow the rules of the district council and should always remember to switch off their phones while entering the house, not to interrupt another member when he or she is speaking. Earlier, both the ruling and the opposition members in KHADC extended their congratulation to Dkhar for being elected as the new Chairman of the district council.