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Telangana BJP Legislator Raja Singh’s Statement on Rohingyas, Bangladeshi Migrants: ‘Shoot and Eliminate’

July 31: The ongoing turbulence in both centre and state on the release of NRC Final Draft in Assam, several statements have been made by several MLA across the country. Following this, Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party  MLA  Raja Singh made a controversial statement saying that the Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants have to leave India. If they are not ready and don no leave, they should be shot and eliminated. His statement came after the government released the final draft of NRC, which excluded almost 40 lakh people.

This statement triggered a protest in the parliament that resulted in its adjournment till 11 am tomorrow. Moreover, the opposition also alleged that the MLA is trying to do a ‘divide and rule’ in the country. A massive uproar was also seen in Lok sabha slamming BJP government over the NRC final draft list. The NRC draft provoked the illegal immigrant’s issue focussing on shifting of illegal Rohingyas staying in India. In addition,  the Opposition was seen slamming the ruling party and alleged the NDA of playing vote politics.

The government has also made it clear that the Rohingyas are not given the status of “refugees” but they are “Illegal Immigrants.”

Though, prior to the release, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated that No coercive action will be taken against anyone. Hence, there is no need for anyone to panic. This is a draft and not the final list. The central government has assured that this is not the final list, and those who have been left out can file a claim or objection to their exclusion.

Later, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said  “the security of India can’t be compromised and that all illegal Rohingyas will be deported. All states have been issued as advisory in this regard”, he added.