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Texas woman awarded 40 years of imprisonment for trying to sell her daughter.

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A 25 – year old Texas woman has been awarded 40 years of imprisonment for trying to sell her two-year-old daughter to an undercover police officer who impersonated as a pedophile.

Detective Serratt of the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office, in a carefully crafted sting operation along with Internet Crimes Against Children’s Task Force (ICAC) and Department of Homeland Security, managed to nab 25-year-old Sarah Peters who had planned to sell her daughter online to someone in exchange of $ 1200.00.

After coming to terms with the impersonating police officer, Sarah took her two-year-old child to the decided drop-off point in Conroe, Texas, north of Houston. As decided, she arrived at the Greyhound bus station, where ICAC  and Department of Homeland Security officers arrested Sarah.

Phil Grant, Judge at Texas Court on Thursday, sentenced the woman to 40 years in prison on Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Child, Attempted Human Trafficking, and Promotion of Prostitution of a Child charges, after Peters pleaded guilty to the crimes.

Special Crime Bureau Chief, Tyler Dunman said that the events of the case were hard to believe. He added that without the proactive work of Detective Serratt and the ICAC Task Force, the child would have become a victim