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The Commoner’s Woe



Through your esteemed daily, I would like to express my concern over the suffering of the common people of the country. The basic suffering relates to health and education. Nowadays, in both the sectors, there is a lot of money-minting business. But I wonder why the government is not coming up with a strong law in this regard. When it comes to health, private hospitals charge very hefty fees, thus causing unnecessary harassment to ordinary citizens. On the other hand, private schools are charging likewise.

Recently, I had been to a doctor near Guwahati. He advised a certain test, but he also said that I must get the test done at a particular laboratory. Why should I get that test done at that laboratory when I could get it done at some other laboratory at a cheaper rate? Such malpractices are destroying the entire medical system of the country. And according to a report about three years back, 27 per cent of deaths occur due to medical negligence.
The government should fix the fees charged by doctors as well as by schools. The media should also raise this issue for the benefit of common people.

Samar Deb,
Email: samardeb2016@gmail.com