‘Threat looms large over existence of indigenous people’ says National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) Chairman

A Correspondent

TANGLA: “We are now forced to feel that the very existence of indigenous population in India and particularly in Assam and other NE States is under severe threat from outsiders and illegal immigrants from the neighbouring country,” observed the chairman of National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB), DR Nabla alias Ranjan Daimari, while addressing a congregation of indigenous people of Udalguri district on the occasion of celebration of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in Udalguri on Thursday.

Daimari referring to the change in the demography of neighbouring Tripura expressed concern that the immigrants from Bangladesh had been the cause behind such a problem which had brought palpable threats to the indigenous tribes of Tripura and the same might happen in Assam in the coming days.

Lamenting on the recent developments in the ongoing NRC update process in Assam, the NDFB supremo said that the draft NRC seemed to be defective with non-inclusion of names of many indigenous people and inclusion of too many doubtful immigrants. He also briefed about the significance of the day since it came into being after the United Nations Organization (UNO) understood the problems of millions of indigenous people of the world and dedicated August 9 as a day to remind indigenous people of their rights.

The meeting was chaired by Principal of Tangla College, Dr. Prasenjit Daimari, and was addressed by chairman of Boro Women’s Justice Forum (BWJF), Dr Anjali Daimari, among others. The celebration day was organized jointly by the Boro Women’s Justice Forum (BWJF) in collaboration with the Society for Indigenous People’s Rights (SIPR).