Saturday Fare

Tips for stress-free family packing

* Start with the basics
These are your day-to-day clothes and other items. Start by making a list of basics: from socks and underwear to toothbrush and toothpaste. Set all these aside day, and work on some basic outfits: for the kids estimate about two a day, allowing for spills and stains that cannot be removed while you’re on the road. Don’t forget nightwear for everyone! Use key items, like jeans, that can be worn more than once, to mix and match a few outfits.

* Holiday outfits
Pick these special items well in advance and get them ready with time to spare… Iron and fold carefully before you pack, to avoid wrinkling and creases on any of your favorite festive items..

* Leave time for washing and drying clothes
Remember, certain materials, like cotton and wool will take longer to dry, so start the preparation early and leave time for both washing and drying…

* Keep it fresh
Keep your clothes smelling lovely…

* Pack a laundry bag (or two)
Keeping your dirty clothes separate from your freshly-washed and fragrant clean ones is a must! Pack a separate bag that will serve as a dirty laundry bag …
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