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Tiwa bodies demand probe

Fund misappropriation

A correspondent
Morigaon, May 18: All Tiwa Students’ Union (ATSU), All Tiwa Woman Forum (ATWF), Tiwa Protection Committee (TPC), Tiwa Yuba Chatra Parishad (TYCP), Autonomous Demand Committee (ADC) and Tiwa Cultural Society (TCS) have made a serious allegation against the sitting MLA. The organizations in a press release said that the present MLA was involved in misappropriation of fund allotted for setting up of the bust of the Tiwa Jatiya Bir Jungal Balahu. During a press meet the organizations alleged that Rs 55 lakh was alloted for setting up of the bust of Tiwa hero ‘Jungal Balahu’ by the Tiwa Autonomous Council (TAC) during the financial year 2010-11. The bodies alleged that the present MLA as the president of the construction committee has misappropriated the fund. The organizations have demanded a probe into alleged misappropriation of fund allotted for the construction of the bust of their hero.