Tripura to introduce work review system for Government employees

A Correspondent
Agartala, May 23: Tripura government is considering a proposal to introduce work review system for the government employees above 50-years of age who have already completed 30 years of service. Official sources said if any employee is found unsuitable in performing his or her assigned duties, the person will be sent on retirement with three months’ salary.

The proposal came into consideration after the new government reviewed the work culture in the state administration and found it is dissatisfactory. As per the proposal performance of every government employee above 50 years of age will come for review twice in a year and action will be taken as per the outcome of the review.

The state government is using a Central rule passed in 1972 but rarely executed anywhere in the country. ‘The state government has decided to pick up the rule as there is no other way to restore work culture in the administration’, said a senior officer in the state secretariat.

He said during last 25 years of Left Front rule, the government employees were given free hand, resulting in total inefficiency in the administration and vested interest groups captured the entire administration. Drastic action is needed to free the administration from the clutch of such vested interested persons.

The central rule has a provision of quarterly review of performance but the state government is considering making it half yearly. Work is going on to frame rules to execute the proposal. It is learnt that the state government is also considering the possible reaction of the government employees and their organisations.