UAYP slams ‘Adopt a Heritage’ scheme

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, May 2: When the Assam government can shell out ample amount in the name of Namami Brahmaputra or towards roping in Priyanka Chopra as the State’s brand ambassador, how unfortunate it is that the same government has decided to lease out the maintenance of Assam’s historical monuments like Rang Ghar and Kareng Ghar to a private entity, stated a press release issued by the United Assamese Youth Power, Assam (UAYP), thereby taking pot shots at the recently announced ‘Adopt a Heritage’ scheme.
Issued by the general secretary of the central committee of UAYP, Krishnakanta Phukan, the press statement also criticized the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, and called for its revocation by the Centre. The bill that attempts to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955, is not in the interest of the indigenous Assamese community residing in the State. Instead, the proposal of granting citizenship status to Hindu Bangladeshis would alter the demographic contours of Assam for the worse, the press communiqué observed. The organization has appealed to the government to work for upholding the interests of the inhabitants of the State, and not the reverse. It also mentioned that in the event of continuation of such State-unfriendly activities and non-acceptance of its demands, UAYP would escalate the protests in the ensuing days.