Villarreal host Roma in first encounter since Madrid 2004 attacks

Villarreal (Spain), Feb 13: Villarreal will host Roma on Thursday in round 32 of the Europa League, a match that brings back memories of their last encounter following the Madrid terror attacks on March 11, 2004. The match was played on the same day as the attacks in a decision by UEFA, despite the fact that both clubs had appealed for the match to be postponed, reports Efe. On that day, the Spanish capital was rocked by a series of bombings targeting trains in the suburbs of Madrid, in which 191 people were killed.

Before the match, that ended 2-0 for Villarreal, the players of both teams expressed their opposition to terror by entering the field carrying together a banner that says “peace yes, terrorism no”.

The players also wore black arm-bands to express solidarity with the victims and held a minute of silence with the fans. IANS