Widow seeks from Parrikar justice in son’s death

Mumbai, June 27: A widow on Monday pleaded for justice to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar regarding her son’s mysterious death 23 years ago when he was working in the Indian vy. Anuradha A. Paldhe, mother of late Seaman-I (clearance diver) Amar A. Paldhe, cited a recent Hyderabad High Court direction to the vy to constitute a fresh Board of Inquiry within six months and communicate its findings to her regarding her son’s death during a helo-jumping at Kakida in September 1993.

In a letter to Parrikar, Paldhe said she had been fighting a protracted battle for the last 23 years to know the truth behind her 25-year-old son’s death. Amar was an expert val diver. “I am not asking for any favours, but only proper Board of Inquiry for finding the truth in the interest of justice. I pray and hope that my voice will not go unheard this time,” Paldhe said.

On September 21, 1993, the seaman’s family was told that he had gone ‘missing’ while participating in peace-time exercise at Kakida. His body was found the following day by fishermen at the Kakida coast. Paldhe told the media that though the vy extended normal courtesies to the bereaved family, it did not disclose the real cause of Amar’s death and evaded all queries under the guise of confidentiality of defence services. However, she said, the family learnt about two serious ante-mortem injuries on Amar’s body and tried to find out the reason but failed. The family filly moved the high court in 1997. Both Paldhe and her husband ran from pillar to post for justice, but after his death a few years ago, she was left alone to carry on the struggle for justice. (IANS)