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Vandalism During Taazia Processions Condemned




DIBRUGARH: A few incidents of vandalism were reported from different parts of the town during Tuesday’s taazia processions on the 10th day of Muharram. In most cases, it has been learnt that ruffians and hooligans, while playing taazia, smashed the windshields of cars being parked along the road, besides causing a dent into one or two of those. Unprecedented, unwarranted and reprehensible as such brazen actions were, all sections of the society condemned the same and sought the intervention of law enforcement agencies. Social media was filled with posts slamming the incidents and demanding that the perpetrators be dealt with accordingly.

Former president of Dibrugarh District Sports Association, Jamshed Khan condemned such acts of shenanigan and held that the perpetrators be identified and subjected to the laws of the land. Conscious citizens are eagerly waiting for effective and appropriate official action as per law to punish the vandals and to deter any recurrence of such vandalism during festivals.

Senior journalist Ikbal Ahmed echoed the same sentiments when speaking against such actions of notoriety. Asserting that the month of Muharram was special and that such malicious incidents had no place in the celebrations, he also demanded that the culprits should be made to face punitive measures, besides making them cough up the compensation for the damages caused by them. He, at the same time, said that it was unfortunate that despite the best of efforts by the district administration to ensure peaceful celebrations, such stray instances marked with ill will could creep into.


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