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The Doubt

The Doubt

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 Feb 2019 11:52 AM GMT

Rhituparna Chakraborty

Things were not going on smooth between Shailaja and Suhaas. Every now and then they used to pick up fights with each other, so much so that both were not in talking terms with each other. With three children in the age group of 15, 12 and 9, both of them did not have much to talk to the children as well. Suhaas had to go office and hence he always had social interaction. As for Shailaja, she used to find solace in social media.

Suhaas saw that Shailaja was glued to her mobile phone most of the time. Sometimes she used to giggle while reading the chats, sometimes she was somber. Shailaja used to try to talk to Suhaas but then since he did not talk to her despite her trying, Shailaja had given up and she was busy in her virtual world chatting with someone.

One day, Suhaas decided to check Shailaja’s phone when she was not around. He could see that she was constantly chatting with some ‘Kuldeep’. Through out the chat, he could see that Kuldeep was constantly complaining about Jyoti wherein Shailaja was complaining about Suhaas. In a specific paragraph, Shailaja had typed, ‘ I don’t have anyone to talk to.’ Kuldeep had promptly replied, ‘ So what, we are there for each other. Let’s catch up.’ Shailaja had replied, ‘ Tomorrow Suhaas will be late from work. Come home.’ Kuldeep had replied, ‘Yes sweetheart, we will meet tomorrow. Love you babes.’

That’s it. Suhaas could not take any of it anymore. ‘How dare she talk to some man all the time? Tomorrow, I will catch her red handed.’

Next morning Suhaas left for work and told Shailaja, ‘I will be late. Don’t wait up for me for dinner.’ Shailaja said, ‘Okay!’.

Suhaas couldn’t focus on work that day. He kept on looking at his watch. He had to be home by sharp 8:00 p.m. At 7:00 p.m., he started from work. He reached home at sharp 8:00 p.m. He stood in front of his door. He could hear clinging of vessels and he could hear voices. He thought, ‘Oh so, she is cooking for Kuldeep.’ He rang the doorbell.

He heard Shailaja yelling from the kitchen, ‘Kuldeep, please check who is at the door?’ The door opened. Suhaas kept on looking at the person who opened the door. Jet black silky hair, peach and cream complexion, sharp features, a beautiful lady stood at the door in a light pink salwar suit. The moment she saw Suhaas, she yelled back at Shailaja and said, ‘Your husband is home.’ Shailaja came from the kitchen wiping her hands in the kitchen towel and said, ‘ Suhaas, you are right on time. Dinner is ready. But, you were supposed to be late today?’ Suhaas smiled and said, ‘Uh well, the meeting got cancelled’. Shailaja said, ‘Nevermind. Meet my friend Kuldeep.

Kuldeep Kaur. We met at the grocery store. After that we became very good friends.’ Suhaas did not know how to react. The entire week, he was worried. He thought Shailaja had found love in someone else. He even had to leave his office work for this. Damn it. But then who was ‘Jyoti’ that Kuldeep Kaur was complaining about.

Just when Suhaas was thinking about it, Kuldeep’s phone rang. Kuldeep looked at the phone screen and said giggling, ‘Shailaja, look who is calling? It’s Jyoti. He must be worried why I am not home as yet.’ Shailaja laughed while Suhaas was totally perplexed. Kuldeep looked at the confused expression of Suhaas and said, ‘Jyoti Veer Singh is my husband. Usually he comes late from work. Today, that I have a dinner plan with Shailaja, he is home early.’ Both Shailaja and Kuldeep laughed like little children while Suhaas kept on looking at the ladies and thought, ‘God, women can really send you on a wild goose chase.’

When Kuldeep was leaving, Shailaja said, ‘John Abraham’s movie or Varun Dhawan’s movie this saturday?’ Before Shailaja could say anything, Suhaas promptly replied, ‘Let us all go. The kids will also enjoy. I will get to meet your husband as well.’ Shailaja and Kuldeep looked at each other. That’s what they wanted. Kuldeep knew Jyoti will agree to this as well. After that Suhaas and Jyoti always came home on time.

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