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Useful Apps & Websites

Useful Apps & Websites

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  16 July 2019 12:07 PM GMT

Good Morning Alarm Clock

Though sleeping enough has never been a truth as we long to sleep more and for longer hours, especially after spending long hours working or studying tirelessly. In such a scenario, we would become alarm-clock-haters or would see alarm clocks as the ones that facilitate the first work of the day i.e. waking up. This alarm clock app finds the optimal time to wake you up, provides you with night stats, and notifies if you have to change your sleeping habits. It is truly smart alarm clock. Here are some of its features:

· Intelligent wake-up: place your Android closer to you to allow the alarm clock monitor signals from your body and wake you up softly when you are in the lightest phase

· Detailed analysis: get the statistics on easy-to-read graphs to track hours slept, to analyze the quality of your sleep

· Alarm tunes: set gentle and natural sound or choose your favorite music to start your day off energized and inspired as never before

· Relaxing sounds or white noise: create your own playlist with your favorite songs to lull your mind and body

· Sleep goal: get the reminders with daily and weekly data to encourage you towards healthy lifestyle

· Nightstand mode: use your device as a simple bedside clock if you don’t need to gather any night statistics

· Weather conditions: plan your day ahead easily with the current weather conditions for your location.

It works according to the users’ convenience even. Every night we go through different phases of sleep - from light to deep. The alarm clock app Good Morning uses the accelerometer built into your device to monitor your movements while you are sleeping and detect which phase you are in.

It creates a 30-minute window (by default) before the wake-up​time you set and the alarm goes off within this window while you're in the lightest phase. Thus, your body and brain wake up naturally and gently and you feel rested with less stress and grogginess. It requires Android 4.1 and upper versions to be operational. So far, it has 1,000,000+ users.


00:37 is unreleased and a side project by game designer Adriaan de Jongh, which is currently in open beta.

The playstore information says that the app itself doesn't contain any exercises or routines: you should only add and do exercises you know how to do properly. 00:37 is meant as a helpful tool, not a replacement for a trainer or classes. Each type of exercise displays sessions differently:

-- consistency (timer) - 3x 1:30

-- stretch (count) - 4x 10 reps

-- endurance (count) - 23 reps in 2:13

-- endurance (time) - 2:33 in 5:23

-- practise (time) - 5:13

The users can save the sessions to keep track of your workouts. adjust your time or amount of repetitions before or after saving your session. Its size and compatibility varies with the device. So far, it has 1,000+ users.

MV Master - Video Status Maker

MV master is the ideal video maker tools to turn your photos into a great looking video clips with only 3 steps! With its funny and easy video template, you can instantly record your life moment in a spark video with awesome effects, fantastic filters, and popular themes! Also,lyrics video editing is our another new highlight for all lyrics video status maker.

1. Create cool photo movies with less than 10 seconds.

2. Massive updated immediately high-quality templates.

3. All are Free and after making it you can save to album quickly.

4. Share to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp with one click, enjoy with your friends easily.

5. Powerful lyrical video editing allows users to add song lyrics on that picture make it more unique.

It's your best choice to make video status with a large collection of best Status Video Songs and share your WhatsApp story status.


Wattpad is a free book reading app which allows us to connect a global community through reading and writing stories of various genres. On Wattpad we can find free stories and books created by writers all around the world. Often during our past time or even while travelling we get bored or have nothing to do, here Wattpad comes as a savior for it presents us stories and books of different genres that may keep us occupied and we can have great fun by exploring new engaging books and stories of our own interests. Readers may find their own tastes, whether its romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction or fan fiction, we can get it all free from Wattpad. We can simply save our favorite stories and carry it with us wherever we go. We can directly connect with the writers and other readers discussing the plot twists by leaving comments on the comments section. We can also follow our favorite writers and follow their latest updates given in the notification section. Writers who are interested can publish their own stories and add new chapters to the existing stories. The app is flexible it varies with the device. Currently, it has a user base of 100,000,000+.

GameChanger Team Manager

The free GameChanger Team Manager app streamlines communication, scheduling, and live score updates into one, easy-to-use app that lets you ditch the emails and spreadsheets..

GameChanger Team Manager is 100% free for your entire team. Learn more at

Currently, it is available for soccer, basketball, lacrosse, football, volleyball, field hockey, ice hockey, baseball, and softball teams.

Some of it key features are:

Practice and Game Scheduling: Maintain a single, easy-to-manage schedule for all team events. Field change?Rainout?Snow storm? Parents and coaches now have easy access to up-to-date schedule. View arrival times, field/court location, local weather, and RSVPs, all in one app.

Team Chat:Meet your team's new hub for all team communication. No more texts chains and email threads! Whether you need to send urgent announcements, post schedule updates, or send messages to other team members, Team Manager is the new hub for all communication. No more text and email.

Live Scoring& Game Updates: Any team member can now share score updates. The rest of the team can follow using the new in-app scoreboard. Available for Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Hockey, and Field Hockey.

RSVPs and attendance tracking: Track player and parent attendance for every team event. View player and parent RSVP for each team event, and RSVP for yourself and your family members. As a coach, this ensures that you know in advance who is going to be there and who isn't. It requires Android5.0 and upper versions to be functional.

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