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Guwahati a Haven for Criminals


l20,728 cases registered in 20 police stations in 2019 compared to 18,436 cases in 2018

Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI: Guwahati is fast turning into a haven for criminals. The rising crime rate in the metropolitan city suggests this very hard reality.

The Guwahati Police Commissionerate came into effect in 2015. It has three police districts that together have 20 police stations. However, this police setup seems to have failed to arrest the rising crimes across the city known as the ‘Gateway to the Northeast’.

According to crime reports in the city, as many as 18,436 cases were registered in the 20 police stations in the Commissionerate in 2018. The number of such cases, however, went up to 20,728 in 2019. The Central Police District under the Commissionerate has nine police stations under it. While Chandmari Police Station registered 1,766 cases, as many as 808 cases were registered in Noonmati Police Station, 587 cases in Geetanagar Police Station, 276 cases in Pragjyotishpur Police Station, 356 cases in Satgaon Police Station, 911 cases in Panbazar Police Station, 1,428 cases in Paltan Bazar Police Station, 189 cases in the All-Women Police Station at Panbazar and 432 cases were registered in the Latasil Police Station.

The West Police District that has five police stations under it had 5,327 cases registered in 2019.  The break-up of the cases is: 844 in Bharalumukh Police Station, 2,039 in Jalukbari Police Station, 973 in Gorchuk Police Station, 569 in Fatasil Ambari Police Station and 902 cases in Azara Police Station.

The East Police District that has six police stations under it had registered 8,648 cases in 2019. The Dispur Police Station under this police district had the highest number of cases in the Commissionerate in 2019. The police station registered as many as 3,929 cases in 2019. While Hatigaon Police Station had 949 cases, Basistha Police Station had 2,214 cases, Bhangagarh Police Station had 601 cases, Khetri Police Station had 226 cases and Sonapur Police Station had 729 cases in 2019.

Among the kinds of the cases, theft cases topped the list with as many as 4,328 last year in the metropolitan city. It is followed by cheating cases (2,265).

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