The Sentinel
23 Sept ,2023
Deadly Nightshade
Belonging to the same family as tomatoes, potatoes and aubergines, just about 10 berries of this plant are enough to kill an adult.
One of the most toxic yet popular plants, all its body parts (especially its leaves) contain nicotine and anabasine.
It is often called the world’s most dangerous tree. Just a single bite of their crabapples can potentially be fatal.
The expensive flowering plant that symbolises love and happiness has a high concentration of heart-active cardiac glycosides.
Popular for its striking flowers, it is actually quite poisonous. They are also packed with toxic cardiac glycosides.
Rosary Pea
Despite having deep cultural value in certain countries, the ingestion of just a single seed can be fatal.
Cerbera Odollam
Known as the ‘suicide tree’, ingestion of its fruit can stop a heart. It has been used as murder weapon as it’s difficult to detect in autopsies.
Hemlock water-dropwort
Lung collapse, brain haemorrhage, facial spasm, and even death can be caused by this gruesome plant.
A toxin called aconite is present in this plant. Despite its poisonous nature, it is prized by gardeners and florists.
Also called devil’s trumpets, this plant is toxic and potentially psychoactive. They also have hallucinogenic properties.