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10 Self-care tips for expecting mothers during Pregnancy

Mar 11, 2022
Drink an Adequate amount of water Water is always a beneficial source to take off your body. Living with two you should always have extra of everything you had earlier. Try drinking more water than you were drinking usually to make your baby stay hydrated and less on diseases.
Massage/Nourish your body During pregnancy, your body gets sick and tired easily. You need to pamper and care for yourself extra during these days. You may also feel swelling or pain in your body when you get tired. Try massaging your body with warm oil to get rid of pain and get excessive comfort.
Stay Active Your body gets easily tired and exhausted during the last months of pregnancy when you are carrying a heavy bump with you. Staying active is very important as it will make you lazy and unwell sitting in one place. Do Exercise a little with no exertion, take frequent breaks in between your exercise but stay moving.
Make out time for yourself During pregnancy, it is very important to make yourself your only priority. Give extra care to your physical and mental health. The most important thing during this precious time is to stay happy mentally which will keep you and your baby both well. There is a lot to manage during but always have a strict 'You' time.
Do not exhaust yourself When you are pregnant, you are carrying extra weight/bump to your body which will obviously make you feel more exhausted during work or heavy workouts than usual. Avoid exhausting your body, stay calm even during exercise, do not try high energy demanding exercises which may easily fall out on your energy.
Meditation is very important during the time of pregnancy. With all chaos, curiosity and discomfort around your mental health will decrease making you feel unhappy at times. Meditation is the easy key to relaxing your brain and boosting your mental well-being.
Travelling during pregnancy Traveling during pregnancy needs more attention and care. You should always carry your own food, drinks, and other necessary items you know will be required during your journey.
Take all variety of foods You and your baby need all types of vitamins and nutrients in your meal during Pregnancy. Fresh and green veggies are always a good source to maintain a healthy body with high energy levels. Avoid fatty, junk items that may harm your and your baby's health. Make a meal plan or a diet plan approved by your doctor and follow it with all seriousness
Sleep well and on time Pregnancy leads to excessive tiredness as you are carrying one more soul, your body needs rest both mentally and physically. You will face difficulties in sleeping during pregnancy due to discomfort, belly, pain, and other changes which have been undergone within your body during these 9 months but proper rest is important for your body.
Have small breaks for meals At the time of pregnancy, your body needs extra attention and it gets tired easily. Have a small break in between your daily routine to have healthy meals. Always keep easy munching snacks with you so you can take them easily without putting extra effort for which you may feel lazy.