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12 Korean Horror Dramas that will Haunt You in Your Sleep

Nov 9, 2021
Strange School Tales
Starting off with Strange School Tales a Viu-exclusive! does horror right and makes sure their viewers get more than enough terrorizing scenes and jump scares. This is the perfect Halloween binge for any kind of horror fan with not one, but three short dramas within the 12-episode series. Each cine-drama is set in a high school, depicting tales of old spirits and secrets that have been long buried in the scene - until now.
Hotel Del Luna
If you’ve held off watching this drama featuring IU and Yeo Jin Goo, we can’t recommend this enough for halloween. It’s filled with ghosts and talks of the afterlife, with jumpscares in scenes you’d least expect. Coupled with scenes of humour, Hotel Del Luna offers the perfect blend of comedy and horror. Fair warning, you might want to watch episode 7 in broad daylight - unless you can bear it.
Black tells the story of a young woman who is able to foresee death and a detective possessed by the grim reaper who chance upon cold case murders from 20 years back. is the perfect Halloween binge for any crime junkie; it’s got mystery, horror and thrill that will have you at the edge of your seat.
Bring It On, Ghost
Everyone’s horror flick preference is different; for some, seeing ghosts is enough for them to hide behind their sheets. If you think you fall under this category, Bring it on, Ghost is the perfect Halloween binge. The show itself follows a ghost who haunts a school, so the ghostly encounters are inevitable. What we will say though is that the creepy moments are often relieved by the romantic slant of the show, too.
Save Me
Save me finds ways to creep under your skin and stay there. This psychological thriller follows a young woman struggling to get out of a religious cult her family is devoted to. While it isn’t horror per se, the plot exhibits a kind of terror that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.
The Cursed
The Cursed is an exceptional drama in the thriller/horror genre that is seriously underlooked. Like most of the dramas on this list, The Cursed emancipates itself from the typical pattern K-Dramas have followed in recent years, creating an eerie drama that’ll leave viewers uneasy with every cliff-hanging episode.
Secret Healer
The 20-episodes series is the perfect horror-fantasy Korean drama for your Halloween weekend. The series begins with Queen Sim, who goes to a shaman in order to bear children. Soon enough, she gives birth to a crown prince and princess, but are separated at birth; Crown Princess Seo-Ri is abandoned in the mountains and becomes a witch
Catch the Ghost
Driven by her sister’s disappearance and the injustice towards her case, Yoo Reung decides to become a police officer to take matters into her own hands. She firmly believes that her sister has been taken by the Subway Ghost and goes above, beyond, and against many rules, to find out what happened. Her seasoned partner, Ji-Seok becomes curious about the injustices in the system soon after he meets Yoo Reung, bringing back memories that could help her solve the case.
The Master's Sun
The Master's Sun is a great choice for a little bit of everything - fantasy, horror, romance, mystery and comedy. If you still want to fall asleep after your binge, this Korean drama is the perfect choice of entertainment. It follows a greedy businessman, who makes it apparent that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, who crosses paths with a humble woman who is cursed to see ghosts. If you still aren’t convinced, OG K-Drama leads So Ji-Sub and Kong Hyo-Jin star in the series.
The Ghost Detective
Daniel Choi plays a ghost detective, and together with his assistant, they try to unravel the mysteries behind the death of their loved ones. In the process of every crime and investigation, they cross paths with a woman in red, who is later revealed to be the soul of a woman in a coma. Could she be connected to these mysterious crimes?
Strangers from Hell
We’ve heard many roommate horror stories - but none like Stranger from Hell. With a new job in Seoul, Jong-Woo settles for a small room at a shared home in the city. With its house share set up, he is forced to share the space with several neighbors, who each have oddities that he can’t place at the beginning. However, the more he spends time there, the weirder things get, begging the question - is this an apartment or an asylum?
When the Devil Calls Your Name
For a good mix of fantasy, melodrama and comedy, When the Devil Calls Your Name offers viewers a lighter, but hearty, option for their Halloween marathon. It follows a young musician who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. 10 years later, he tries to strike up another negotiation with the devil to extend their contract.