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9 mistakes people make when decorating their house

Aug 16, 2022
Choosing the Paint Color
Many people make the mistake of choosing the paint color first and then they get expensive decor pieces
The Chandelier
If you want a chandelier, then never make the mistake of hanging it too high as then it will light up the ceiling and not the room
The Artwork
You must never hang the artwork too high, it should always be on eye level
Short Curtains
Your curtains should be touching the floor like skimming it but they should never be shorter, that makes the wall look truncated
Throw Pillows
Using too many throw pillows is not a good idea as everytime someone wants to sit in the couch they will have to move everything
Theme Rooms
Creating a theme room is a mistake because they become outdated very quickly and then you have to replace all with the latest trends
Style over Comfort
If you opt for style over comfort then it is pointless because no one wants to be uncomfortable in your house!
Relying on Overhead Lights
They look nice and stylish but they are not enough for illuminating the room and are not exactly flattering