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All the Times the Kardashians Have Worn Teeny-Tiny Bikinis in the Snow

Mar 27, 2022
Kendall Jenner is currently on a ski vacation in Aspen, and she went ahead and dropped some casual photos of herself wearing a teeny string bikini in the snow—paired with giant furry boots because it’s important to keep at least one part of your body warm in freezing temperatures, you know?
But if you’ve truly been keeping up with the Kardashians, this shoot should look kinda familiar to you, since the Kardashians love nothing more than wearing bikinis and boots in winter weather. See? Here’s Kourtney in Aspen back in March wearing a bikini with some puffy snow boots, which she iconically captioned, “How’s your Aspen?”
Although it goes without saying that Kim Kardashian started this family tradition back in 2015 when she wore a fur bikini and boots in the snow and managed to piss off PETA in the process:
And here’s Kourt again on the same trip, admitting to copying her sister (although, again, they’re all just copying Kim)