The sentinel

Find out what these 9 animals mean when they cross your path

June 17, 2022
If a spider crosses your path, it is said that they are reminding you of a friend you have not contacted for a while
If you see an owl then it means that you need to be extra careful about your next step and be ready for what's coming
For some reason, if a cat happens to catch your attention, it means that it is time that you listen to your heart and do what you have been planning to do
If a deer crosses your path or catches your attention, it means the heavens know what you are doing and you must face your issues gracefully
If a crow has been sitting near you, it means that some truth will be exposed to you soon. Soon you will learn something really important
pay attention to your night dreams in an indication given by the lizard crossing your path. That dream will reveal something about you
A snake passing your path means that you have to unleash your power, dig deep within and direct your energy towards it
The presence of a rabbit is very lucky. It can mean your luck shall soon change in a good way