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Sept 20, 2022
The Royal Family of Britain
Did you know that many members or people associated with the Britain Royals have written books? From King Charles III to Meghan Markle, here are some Britain Royals who have also published books
King Charles III
In 1980, King Charles III – then known as the Prince of Wales – published a children’s story titled ‘The Old Man of Lochnagar’. A few other books written by King Charles III are : ‘Highgrove: An English Country Garden’, ‘The Prince’s Speech: On the Future of Food’, ‘Climate Change’ among others
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Did you know that the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, penned many books during his lifetime. Some of them are: ‘Down to Earth: Speeches and Writings of his Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’,’A Question of Balance’, ‘Sandringham’, among others
Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales
In 2020, Catherine Middleton, the Princes of Wales, launched her first book titled ‘Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020’. The book is curated by Catherine(also known as Kate Middleton), and through 100 pictures in showcases the struggles and life in the UK during the Covid Pandemic
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
In June 2021, Meghan- the Duchess of Sussex published her debut children’s book titled ‘The Bench’. Inspired by her own family with Harry, the story is about the father-son bond which is told through a mother’s point of view
Sarah Ferguson
Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson is a renowned children’s author and some of her books are the ‘Helping Hands’ series, ‘Tea with Ruby’, ‘The Royal Switch’, among others. In 2021, her first historical romance novel titled ‘Her Heart for A Compass’ was published.
Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon
Antony Armstrong-Jones, the Earl of Snowdon, was married to Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister Princess Margaret between 1960 to 1978. The Earl of Snowdon was the founder a furniture company-Linley and thus, he had an expertise in this field. During his lifetime, he wrote a few books on furniture and interior designing
Princess Michael of Kent
Princess Michael of Kent has penned several books, including a few non-fiction books on the royals, the Anjou Trilogy, and a few historical novels which are set in 15th-century France
Bonus: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
In July 2021, Prince Harry had announced that he was writing his memoir which is expected to be out in fall of 2022. “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become,” Prince Harry had said in a statement earlier. But now with Queen Elizabeth II’s death it is unclear if the books publication will be delayed. The title of Harry’s memoir is also not revealed yet.