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Potato-Based Dishes you must try according to zodiac

Oct 16, 2022
Amongst a plethora of different potato dishes, Ariens would prefer something bold and dynamic like potato burfi. Yes, they are that multipurpose
Goan Potato Cashew Curry is something Taureans would relish as it tastes as rich as their likes
For busy bees like Geminis, quick and delicious dishes like potato wedges with garlic mayonnaise dip in an appropriate pick
Cancerians like to be careful where they step so that they don't get disappointed. For this sign, a dish like crispy, tandoori aloo tikka would be a suitable choice
Leo's food choices are classy like them And nothing is classier than a plate of good ol French fries
Virgos are practical and logical, and are most likely to pick something wholesome and nourishing like potato salad
Librans would certainly relish something that has balanced flavors like Aloo Chaat Pizza
Without thinking much, bring out a plate of Punjabi Samosa for Scorpios, for they are always up for something fiery and lip-smacking
Always up to treat their taste buds with something new, Sagittareans would be delighted by a simple yet flavorful dish like masala mashed potatoes
Capricorns like to be resourceful and efficient, but they do like to bend the rules. So, Indian-style over-backed potato chips would suit their taste buds
Sweet potato and peanut curry is suitable for logical and straightforward Aquarians
Pisceans love the old potato dishes, but are always up to try something new. They will certainly enjoy tater tots