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Strange Things that are banned or illegal around the Globe

Dec 14, 2022
Chewing Gum, Singapore
The city-state bans the use of the sticky substance to reduce the amount of polluting waste it generates.
Water Pistols, Cambodia
The sale, importation and possession of water pistols are all outlawed in Phnom Penh
Online Gaming, South Korea
Playing Online Games between midnight and 6 in the morning is prohibited due to the Shutdown Law, commonly known as the Cinderella Act
Winnie the Pooh, Poland
Winnie the Pooh was called 'inappropriate hermaphrodite' because he lacked distinguished genitalia
Permanent Marker on Private Property, Oklahoma City
The law was passed to stop graffiti writers from writing on people's property
Obesity, Japan
Doctors measure your waist if you are between ages of 40 and 79; if it is greater than the legal limit, which is 33.5 inches for men and 35.5 inches for women, you will be reported to the government for 're-education'
Satellite Dish, Malaysia
You can receive a $100,000 fine and two years in prison, if you satellite dish receives foreign television