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Here’s How Much Our Favorite Royal Family Earns In A Year

Jun 19, 2022
Queen Elizabeth – $550 million
Queen Elizabeth who sat on the throne for 60 years had garnered a massive wealth. It was not only because of the British taxpayers that were covering her income but also from her plots of land. She owned several expensive properties in her territory and her favorite was the gateway, Balmoral Castle that was worth $140 million
Charles, Prince of Wales – $100 million
Charles, Prince of Wales, who would be the future King of their country, had a net worth of $100 million. As soon as he would take over the throne, his salary would increase. It was because he would inherit all the assets that the queen would leave. However, he didn’t rely on the resources that the queen held.
Lady Kitty Spencer – $100 million
Even Lady Kitty Spencer, who was the niece of Princess Diana, had worked very hard to grow her salary. She was not a main branch member of the royal family, but her income was higher than her other well-known relatives. It was because she started with a good foundation and inheritance that she received from her kin.
Pippa Middleton – $1 million
Pippa Middleton was Kate Middleton’s younger sister. She was not really a royal but a royal adjacent. At her sister’s wedding, she was stunningly beautiful and became the talk of the town. Because of what happened, she was brought to some other events as a substitute.
Zara Tindall – $20 million
Zara Tindall was the granddaughter of the Queen and had a passion for sports. The royal family had a strong connection to the equestrian world. The royal family loved raising and riding horses and some of the known figures who excelled in this aspect were Zara.
Lady Eliza Spencer – $74 million
Lady Eliza Spencer was the niece of the late Princess Diana. Lady Eliza had a lot of money on her bank. She and her sister were forbidden by their father to access a ton of money from their savings. Her father hoped to prevent them from using excessive money. However, once they got access to their savings, she and her sister Amelia would like to enjoy the greater things and to experience everything that they could.
Lady Amelia Windsor – $1 million
Lady Amelia Windsor was the cousin of William and Harry. She worked hard to make a great income. Although her salary didn’t come close to her cousins, she tried to earn a lot of money until she found the world of fashion. She was working with well-known fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana and other more
Prince George of Cambridge – $4 billion
Prince George of Cambridge was the firstborn son of William and Kate. His net was more than his father and mother’s savings even when combined. Prince George got the attention of all the people around the world and even took advantage of his place in the royal family. The Prince got to appear on every special occasion of the royal family.
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – $5 million
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was Prince Charles’s other significant. She was the one who took place of the one who was most adored in the royal family, Diana. However, she began to adapt to being royalty and got the people to love her, too. Prince Charles loved her so much that he decided for a prenup.
Katharine, Duchess of Kent – $10 million
Katherine, Duchess of Kent, was the royal wife of Prince Edward. Even though she was the spouse of a royal family, she kept away from the spotlight and was seen only on a few public appearances. She and her husband were wealthy but had one of the lowest net worth when it came to the net of the other royalties.
Prince Andrew, Duke of York – $82 million
Prince Andrew, Duke of York was the younger brother of Prince Charles. He made his own name when he divorced the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson also known as Fergie. The Prince’s name was a hot topic for several years. However, even with the negative reputation, he focused on his businesses and built his own fortune.
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge – $40 million
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was one of the throne successors. However, he did not want to wait to become the one who would sit on the throne to gain a massive amount of net. His wealth came from different places and it included his inheritance and monthly allowance.
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex – $25 million
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was well-known because of his status as a playboy and his recent exit from his royal duties. His wealth was received from the inheritance from his mother. Not only did he receive his income from his inheritance, but he also got some from his business and investment.
Sarah, Duchess of York – $1 million
Sarah, Duchess of York, was the ex-spouse of Prince Andrew and was also known as Fergie. She was a famous member of the royal family. She had difficulty in her life after the separation from her family. Sarah depended on what job she could find. After a few years, she earned a million on her savings and owned a 17 million-dollar Swiss chalet.
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex – $45 million
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, was the youngest of the Queen’s children. He did not want to be a well-known person in the royal family. If you asked people what his feature was, they could not even tell you what his looks were or even what he did in his daily life
Sophie, Countess of Wessex – $45 million
Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was married to Prince Edward and became one of the royalties that were close to the Queen. Even though she was separated from her husband, the kids were the priority on their relationship. While her husband was royalty, she was a boss and had her own card under her own sleeve.
Anne, Princess Royal – $100 million
Anne, Princess Royal, was the daughter of the Queen and Prince Philip. Anne had inherited a little attitude of the Queen and built her career as a royalty and an equestrian. She was doing her duty as royalty and developed her skill in riding sports. Her effort led her to the competition in the Olympic Games in Montreal last 1976.