The Sentinel

Zodiac signs who are likely to become spies

Sep 1, 2022
They are clever, swift and very creative. They can easily go undercover in any kind of situation and make use of their creative skills to spy on people and even save themselves from critical situations. Aquarius would be a very reliable spy.
They like to remain quiet and mysterious. But don’t be fooled by their demeanour. Virgos silently observe everything and even the tiniest details. This trait alone makes them an excellent choice for a spy. They are also pretty reliable and loyal.
They are extremely stubborn-headed and so, they won’t budge from their point even at the brink of torture. They are loyal and very level-headed even in very critical situations. They won’t lose their composure and this won’t give away their identity.
They will prove to be amazing spies because of their ability to act calmly in situations and curate the best possible outcome. They can also mask their actions and thoughts expertly. They are also experts in curating information from people.
They are very friendly people and this can make them great spies because they can effortlessly make people talk. They can get secrets out of people just by being friendly, charming and very inviting people. They also act in a very clever manner.
These zodiac signs are very clumsy
Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces give away secrets too easily. They can’t maintain their demeanour of being a spy and give in too easily.