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Donyi Polo Day celebrated


Itagar, Januay 1: Culture and religion are two sides of the same coin that cannot be separated at all especially in context with the tribal way of life, said Indigenous Faith & Cultural Society of Aruchal Pradesh  (IFCSAP) president Dr Ligu Tacho while addressing on the occasion of Donyi–Polo Day celebration at Kargu Gamgi (KG) ground here on Wednesday.

Supporting his views, harlagun–Nirjuli KG general secretary Geto Ori said that culture is always dovetailed with religion and even marriage ceremony of Galos are solemnized by inviting goddesses Agam for blessing the ceremony, without which it is incomplete, he said to drive home his message. Dispelling the fear that Hindus were converting the indigenous people, Ori clarified that they were giving handholding support without any allurement to convert, further saying that any religious head coming forward to do so will be welcomed. harlagun–Nirjuli KG president Karbe Nyodu called upon IFCSAP not to limit itself only to protection and promotion of faiths but to include culture too.

IFCSAP vice president Gichik Taaza said that no organization should be allowed to perform any traditiol festival without performing rituals. At the occasion men and women, in their best traditiol attire, performed Ponu to the melodious number befitting the day. 

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