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AATSA demands wage hike for tea garden workers

From a Correspondent
DHEKIAJULI, Nov 12: The AATSA has decided to launch a State-wide agitation programme to demand wage hike of tea garden workers. Maintaining its central committee decision, the  AATSA sub-committee of Singri took out a large procession on Saturday evening which started from the office of Singri tea estate and passed through different tea garden line areas. The AATSA activists demanded immediate increment of the present wage of the tea garden workers up to Rs. 400. They said that low wages had adversely affected healthcare, education and the welfare of the community.
In Assam, wages of tea garden workers are decided through bilateral negotiations between the planters’ bodies and workers. The student body said that the tea garden workers and their family members constitute a major chunk of Assam’s population. The protest procession was led  by Atul Mirdha, member of AATSA Singri sub-committee, Pankaj Dev Nag, Bikash Das, Kishore Das and hundreds of other AATSA supporters.