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Expect some big scientific breakthroughs in 2015

Washington, December 31: While 2014 saw some marvellous discoveries like 3D–printed body parts and scientific breakthroughs like comet landing, 2015 too holds a great future for science, reports the prestigious jourl ture. The first big news is expected to come with the reboot of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in March after a two–year shutdown. The machine at CERN, Europe’s particle–physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, will restart with collisions at 13 trillion electronvolts – almost double the current record. Scientists hope that the extra firepower will help the collider to unearth phenome that fill in gaps in the standard model of particle physics. The US and Chi, the world’s biggest carbon emitters, made historic pledges in 2014 to reduce their greenhouse–gas emissions. “That could clear the way for a new global climate deal at United tions talks in Paris in December where tions hope to filise a legally binding post–2020 agreement,” the report added. (ians)

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